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Welcome to Myco Systems – transforming businesses through system efficiencies, and saving you time, money and stress

If you don’t have an IT development team, if you’re overwhelmed by the responsibility of running a business, fed up with repetitive or time-consuming tasks, or simply want to make your organisation better, let’s chat.

If your business emails, accounts, CRM, IT, apps and other systems don’t talk to each other and integrate seamlessly, Myco can almost certainly save you time, money and stress.

And because efficiency is at the very core of competitive advantage, we can help you grow and succeed.

Key Benefits
  • Refine, automate, link and enable;
  • Save time and money;
  • Reduce your admin, repetitive tasks and stress.
  • Avoid waste, and system conflicts.
  • Scale up – go as big as you wish!
  • Enable and empower your teams to focus on what’s important
  • Enhance your efficiency and competitive advantage.

Mike Burton is the only computer consultant I have met who speaks English.”
Brenda Spiller, Management Services

We collaborate with you to fully understand your business issues, then provide unbiased recommendations for off-the-shelf or tailored software solutions.

We translate business needs into practical, cost-effectively IT solutions which enhance your competitive edge and increase your profitability.


Four decades of successful projects, four decades of grateful clients

Since 1984, Myco Systems has been helping businesses grow by utilising smart software to synchronise their systems and processes.

Since then, we’ve helped countless organisations in sectors as diverse as professional services, food & beverage, property, law enforcement and government departments.

We’ve helped the BBC and even an F1 team to develop their business operations, making the seemingly impossible possible.

Myco Systems have created a reliable and robust system that is easy for our staff to use.
We are confident that we will be able to expand our management business further with this system in place.”
Peter Goodkind, Managing Director, Simarc Property Management

We specialise in:
Bespoke software programming to refine, automate, link and enable improvement in companies with 10-35 employees, especially those looking for transformation and scalability
Consultancy to help clients see the bigger and understand how to achieve ‘better’
Training for software developers in Java, Spring, Angular, Python and more.

Our clients benefit from maximum flexibility, independent and objective advice, and senior level expertise throughout the project. We offer a real depth of knowledge and aim to provide you with the expertise and confidence to become completely independent users of your systems.

We do training too

If you have in-house development teams, we can get them up to speed with the latest programming languages and techniques, so you can maintain any bespoke software yourselves.

Myco specialise in providing professional programming and development training, and have worked for many blue-chip corporations and public-service organisations.

“The delegates found Mike to be an exceptional trainer combining professionalism, first class technical knowledge and a flexible, approachable training style. I would have no hesitation in asking Mike to train our colleagues again.”
Vicky Griffin, Vocalis

Why Should You Choose Myco Systems?

Our blend of knowledge and experience, business insights and empathy ensure that you’ll get an outcome that will meet or exceed your expectations.


We develop software applications and databases for a wide range of platforms including websites, mobile devices, networks and PCs.


Make use of our expertise for as little or as long as you like. You can focus on your core business while we take care of the technology.


We provide classroom training in Java, Spring, Angular, Python and more. Make the best use of technology with carefully targeted training.

Since setting up in 1984, Myco has delivered effective IT, software and training solutions in sectors as diverse as professional services, food & beverage, property, law enforcement and government departments across London and the South East of England.

For more details about our IT, software, training or consultancy services,
contact Mike Burton on +44 20 3931 7337 or mikeb@mycosystems.co.uk