Software development for Simarc Property Management Ltd Simarc manage large portfolios of residential ground rents on behalf of various clients. They depend upon the efficient administration of a large number of small transactions in order to achieve economies of scale which contribute to the success of the business. As this is a niche business there are no readily available off-the-shelf packages which can be applied to the business.

As a result Simarc had developed a bespoke software application which was central to the operation of their business. This was reliant upon ageing hardware and software which were becoming difficult to support. Another software supplier had unsuccessfully tried to re-write their system.

Myco Systems produced a brand new web-based intranet software application to replace the old system, using ‘future-proof’ web-based Java technologies that can run on any hardware platform, providing Simarc with a high degree of independence.

Not only does this perform the required functionality, but it does so faster and more reliably and in a way that is much easier for staff to use. They can now handle a bigger workload as the new system has automated certain key procedures and are safe in the knowledge that the software will meet the needs of the business for the foreseeable future.

They were so impressed that they asked us to produce a public internet application which directly interacts with Simarc’s systems on a 24/7 basis, without involving Simarc’s staff in phone calls or letters. Several thousand of their clients now use this facility to receive their bills by email and pay their rent online, resulting in huge admin savings as well as substantially reducing paper usage and carbon footprint.

Managing Director Peter Goodkind said "Our software application is absolutely key to managing our business. Myco Systems have created a reliable and robust system that is easy for our staff to use, and the feedback from our leaseholders on our website is that they are finding it very useful. We are confident that we will be able to expand our management business further with this system in place."

"Ten minutes of Mike Burton’s time is worth 3 days of other peoples." Basil Smith, Luxembourg Stock Exchange

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